Quantifying Injury Rates

Being a Bayern Munich supporter injuries have been a big part of past campaigns I have followed. During most of the past season (2017/2018) Manuel Neuer was injured with a broken foot. For the second match against Real Madrid in the Champions League semi finals the team had to additionally compensate the injuries of Jerome Boateng, Arturo Vidal, Kingsley Coman and Arjen Robben. While Pep Guardiola was still coach at Bayern his dispute with the long-serving team doctor Mueller-Wohlfahrt culminated into him resigning after 38 years with the team (Mueller-Wohlfahrt was later reinstated as the team doctor in 2017).

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The Significant Game

Soccer is not only just the beautiful game; it is also a significant one. This blog tries to find statistical patterns in the sport we all love.

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